With our sister business we can offer a complete package for farm management services tailored to meet your individual requirements and objectives:

Business Planning
Using our collective experience to find the most profitable enterprise mix for your farm. Maintaining a focus on profit, return on investment and meeting your objectives.

Financial Budgeting and Financing
Including dairy costings, planning and diversification advice. FCA licenced finance brokering available for large projects

Farming System Management
Practical experience and a proven track record in all dairy systems, giving us the knowledge to match the most suitable farming system to your available resources and make your business profitable in the long term.

Farm Management, including Staffing
Recruitment of managers and farm staff. Contract labour provisions. Ongoing staff reviews, training and support.

Farm Administration
Accounts, BPS, Cross Compliance, Stewardship, Grant Funding, Red Tractor pre-audits, Health and Safety.

Herd Management
Dairy Nutrition and CowSignals® advice & training. Experience and knowledge of breeding for all dairy systems. Dairy unit design and project management

Soil Nutrient Management
BASIS and FACTS trained staff to advise on Nutrient Management and Fertiliser Plans.

Business Contacts
A network of trusted industry partners: Vets, Argonomists, Accountants etc., giving us access to the best advice in all fields.

The Farm Consultancy Group

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