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Fertiliser purchasing is a volatile marketplace and we aim to bring some stability to it where we can by ordering forward and committing to volumes on your behalf.

We look for the best deals which is supported by excellent credit terms with our suppliers. This enables us to get great prices and service levels.

Whether you are looking for Nitram, or 20.10.10, we have the supplier network to manage your requirement.

We can supply all aspects of fertiliser including but not restricted to Blends and Compounds, Straights, Nitrogen’s in pure and varying mixes, After cut range, Grasstrac, Urea.

Not only can we supply a high quality product but we can back it up with nutritional management plans, soil sampling and analysis and the expertise to provide independent advice to maximise your output.

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DBL Buying Group - Fertilisers

DBL Buying Group - Fertilisers