Why you should be using a maize starter fertiliser this spring

Are you planning to plant maize this spring?  Do you usually use a starter fertiliser?  Is that starter fertiliser usually DAP?  If your answer to all three questions is, “Yes”, then why don’t you look at a cheaper alternative.  When planted down the spout with maize, DAP fertiliser is usually sown at a rate of 50kg/ac.

DAP is currently (Dec 2021) pushing £700/t (and rising), based on a full artic load, and I don’t see this coming down at any time soon.  Therefore, at 50kg/ac this works out at £35.00/ac.

Somehow, I doubt you are going to want to book a full artic, so let’s assume you only want the minimum order of 2.4t, or 48 acres worth.  This will bring the price up to approximately £750/t or £37.50/ac.

Therefore, why not look at the alternative of a specific maize starter fertiliser?

The maize starter fertiliser we sell, MaxiMaize Plus, is only sown at half the rate of DAP, so only 25kg/ac, but is more readily available in small amounts, with it available in either 25 or 600kg bags.  Also, no matter your load size the price will be £35.00/ac. Which must be a saving every time unless you are intending to buy a full artic?

MaxiMaize Plus is DAP fertiliser coated with a mixture of trace elements to help improve the maize plant’s growth.

Independent MGA (Maize Grower Association) trials have shown that using MaxiMaize Plus will lead to increased DM (Dry Matter) yield and improved Starch yield over both no placement fertiliser crops and DAP placement fertiliser crops.

So why wouldn’t you use MaxiMaize Plus this spring?  With DAP prices likely to continue upwards this spring this price can only look better and better, and with the added benefits of smaller deliveries.

Therefore, I’d suggest booking early to ensure supply, and only pay the month following delivery, i.e. book it now, for delivery in April, pay in May.  What more could be better?  Save another £1/ac by booking it with some maize seed for delivery at the same time?

If you’d like to discuss your maize seed fertiliser requirements, then please call FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 44288 or email andrew@dblbuyinggroup.co.uk