What3Words - More than just a Navigation App

A number of you will have heard of and possibly used the What3Words app.  For those of you that haven’t, this is a free app.  The app company has divided up the UK and most of the world into squares 1m x 1m and given it square a unique name.  For example our office in Trent has the reference ///discourage.series.hasten  The app is great for giving people the exact location of where you are if you are meeting someone.  We use it for our discussion group meetings to help members find the location of the farm we are meeting at.

The app can have further benefits for farmers:

  • Provide your exact location to emergency services if you have an accident or need the police or fire brigade.
  • Use it to pinpoint a water leak in a field so that those repairing can find It easily.
  • Use it to pinpoint a broken fence for repair.
  • Help erecting an electric fence in the correct place to divide up a field for grazing.
  • Provide precise locations for work to be carried out by a contractor.
  • Identifying the location of water metres.
  • Use it to set the points where you take soil samples from in a field so that you can return to the same spot every four years when resampling.

There are probably other uses that you can think of as well.  The point is to make use of the technology that is available to you, especially when its free, to make like easier.