Think, be prepared and ready!

With so much volatility in the market currently, and prices so high, I know it might sound hard or boring to think about this, but now it is more important that ever to think ahead about what you need and when.

I say this because it is getting harder and harder to get hold of some products currently, and talk is it could get harder still.  One due to cost, two due to war in Ukraine but three due to the recent massive surge in COVID.  Not just in this country but also around the world, but particularly China which will affect global supply.

In the past it’s been possible to sort things at short notice, but this is becoming increasingly harder.  I was even asked recently, by a supplier,” (If I could) Have a look in your magic hat….” having previously managed to source a product for them that they hadn’t been able to get themselves.

Things are getting tighter and so therefore please think ahead to avoid disappointment and frustration.  We will always try and do our best for you, but it is not always possible.

Therefore, please think about your needs, please plan for your needs, and please place any orders in plenty of time.

Just as an example its time to be thinking about your silage sheet needs for this year, rather than leaving it to the last minute, think about it now, plan your needs not just for 1st cut but I would suggest for the coming year, and order ready to have everything on farm for 1st May, ready to go as soon as you have the right weather window.

Why for the coming year?  While we have prices now for all your silage sheet needs, all the talk is these prices are likely to see an increase as the year progresses and therefore the recommendation has to be to book and take delivery of all your expected silage sheet requirements now to make sure you have on farm at the beginning of the season what you will need for the whole season for your grass/wholecrop/maize silage.

If you’d like to discuss any of your requirements for the coming year, then please call FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 44288 or email