Seed Update

We recently sat down with our seed supplier for a review of the past year and for the year ahead.  A couple of things came out of the meeting which are discussed below:

Maize Seed:
We now have prices for the coming year for maize seed.  Most of our popular varieties are still there, i.e. Lovely and Picker, and they’ve been joined by the new varieties Tommen and Myrdal, among others.

Seed is in stock and appears to be in plentiful supply.  Korit is again the standard dressing as a Bird Repellent but remember this is an irritant and should be handled with appropriate PPE.  Prices are seeing a small increase of around £2-3/bag depending on variety.

Environmental & Game Cover Seed:
Through our seed supplier we can now supply all your environmental & game cover seed. Therefore, if you’d like a price on wild bird mix, a partridge mix or Japanese Reed Millet then please don’t hesitate to give us a call because we can provide it all to match your scheme or game cover requirements.

Tall (Soft) Fescues:
During the autumn the team had the chance to visit the trial plots of one of the major seed houses and there we saw the work that they are doing on Tall, or as they are now referring to them, Soft Fescues.  I think we will see these become increasingly important and I expect them to start appearing in mixes moving forward.  We are currently trying to get some seed to trial on a local farm or two.

Herbal Mixes:
These have undoubtedly been a growing success over the last couple of years, and I expect demand for them to continue to grow.  Our supplier will now be bringing out a couple of varieties of their original mix with one now aimed more at cutting and another for more limestone/chalky soils.  Just remember that not all mixes are equal.  While all are likely to be GS4 compliant not all will be aimed at maximising quality forage production on farm.

Supply Updates:
It was also discussed at our meeting that the following seed is likely to be in short supply this coming season.  Stubble Turnips, Timothy, Red Clover & Game Maize.  Therefore, to ensure supply we are happy to book now for a delivery that suits you.  We did this last year for a client, booked some Red Clover seed now, before deciding exactly what to do with it later in the year, i.e. the makeup of the actual mix we were going to use.

If you’d like to discuss your seed requirements for the coming year, then please call FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 44288 or email