Red Tractor Updates (from 1st October 2021)

On Wednesday 4th August Red Tractor released their new standards to be implemented from 1st October 2021.  Here’s a quick overview of what has changed for Dairy (D), Beef & Lamb (B&L) standards.

DP.1 (D, B&L) Upgrade – External areas around buildings and farm entrances are to be kept clear of rubbish, non-essential equipment, and other debris.  Loose wire, net and silage wraps, scrap machinery, scrap metal and disused tyres are managed.

DP.5 (D) New – There must be a written Breeding & Management Policy in place and implemented – this is to stop routine euthanasia of calves.

Breeding and management decision processes to include: semen use, breeding management decisions, tools used to determine replacement rates, provision of rearing facilities to cover number of youngstock, identified market for breed of calf produced and provision/plan for TB breakdown.

PL.1 (B, B&L) Upgrade – From November 2021, all new starters must have a documented induction covering (at least), an explanation of tasks to undertake, Health & Safety information and reporting lines.

PL. 5 (D, B&L) NEW – Health & Safety policy to be in place.

HF.6.1 (D, B&L) Upgrade – Tethering systems are not permitted.

FW.1.1 (D, B&L) Revised – Alternative colostrum must be available (fresh/frozen/artificial) in event of dam being unable to produce.

AH.1 (D, B&L) Revised – Health plan must be available to all persons involved in care & management of stock.

AH 2.1 (D) New – Annual collation of calf births/deaths must be maintained.

AH.3 (D, B&L) NEW – Nominated vet must visit farm at least annually.

AM.4 (D) Revised – Vet medicines must not be stored in same room classified as dairy.

EC.3 (D, B&L) Upgrade – Nitrogen based fertiliser must be stored in a way that minimises risk of theft, this includes:

  • No public access
  • not stored near or visible to public highway
  • checked regularly to ensure not tampered with, moved or stolen
  • any thefts reported to police

For guidance or support for your Red Tractor audit or for maintaining your farm/records to Red Tractor standards, please contact Emily Wynder on 07944 680469 or e-mail