Red Tractor - Are You Keeping Adequate Records?

Medicine Administration records should include:

  • Identity of medicine
  • Quantity of medicine administered
  • Batch number or bottle number linked back to purchase records
  • Identification of animal(s) to which administered
  • Number of animals treated
  • Date of administration
  • Date treatment finished
  • Length of withdrawal period for meat and milk
  • Date when animal(s)/milk becomes fit for human consumption
  • Name of person administering medicine
  • Reason for treatment

Medicine records must provide annual collation of total antibiotics (collated by product name) used for the unit – this can be completed by the vet from prescription data or by the farmer from medicine records.

If you need any guidance or support for your Red Tractor audit or for maintaining your farm/records to Red Tractor standards, please call Emily on 07944 680469 or e-mail