Milk Powders

For our autumn calving clients, it is that time of year again to be thinking about milk powder purchases, if they have not already done so.

We can source milk powder directly from the following suppliers: Bonanza, The Calf Company & Trouw Nutrition, and indirectly from others too, to meet your requirements.

While SMP (Skim Milk Powder) prices have come slightly off the edge this last month they are still at the highest levels we have seen since 2014 and this may again influence your choice of milk powder, with prices rising for some suppliers.

It has been three years now since Trouw launched their Energized Calf Milk (ECM) powder and prior to this I was always hesitant to recommend a powder as everyone has different ideas for their ideal powder. However, with the experience I now have of the ECM powder I would not recommend anything else.

I have sold, and seen the results for, the powder in spring, autumn and AYR calving herds which have been Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire or Crossbreed and every time I hear how well the calves are doing on the powder.  How the calves are bigger, stronger, healthier, have less scours and more energy than previously, on alternative products.

I personally have never seen calves looking so good on a milk powder, they look like they have been reared on whole milk!  The simple answer for this is because the powder has been designed to be as close to whole milk as possible, and so easier for the calf to use and digest.  With its lower inclusion rate than some powders, while the headline price maybe higher it can work out cheaper to use than some alternative powders because you are using less of the product.

If you are looking for an alternative to ECM Trouw have just relaunched the rest of their milk powder range, cutting the number of products available in half, and updating the name and specifications of the products they are now selling, with a focus on digestibility of product to ensure the calf maximises the nutrients available to them.

Slightly different from The Calf Company is I now have a 60% Skim Organic Milk Powder available.  It is a great alternative to the existing organic milk powders in the marketplace.

Remember that feeding milk powder will help your Johnes control plan, by limiting any chance of cross contamination.

If you would like to review or discuss milk powders call our FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 44288 or email