Milk Powder Availability

As many of you will know from previous articles I’ve written over the last three years, my milk powder of choice has been the Energized Calf Milk Powder from Trouw.

This has led the way in changing how milk powders have been formulated with less emphasis on the crude protein content of the powder, and ensuring that they are digestible sources of protein, and more on the oil content of the powder, providing the calves with more energy.

The research has shown that a calf’s growth at this stage, while it is still effectively a monogastric rather than ruminant, has benefits later in life with improved production etc.

The biggest problem for us as a business has been we could only offer this to you in minimum half ton pallets, or ideally full ton pallets, so for a while I have been trying to find a way to get past this that allows us to provide the same great product but in smaller quantities.

I’m therefore very pleased to announce that I have found a way to do this and so if you just want half a dozen bags monthly, rather than a bulk delivery, or a few bags to finish off the season as you don’t again need a bulk delivery, or just a few bags to help get you through to your next delivery as you’ve run a bit shorter than you anticipated, we can now get these bags out to you.

I’ve come to an agreement with Parson Farm Supplies that they will hold a pallet of ECM in stock for our clients and will happily run bags out to people as required.  Ideally both they and I would like people to think ahead so that it can be with their regular delivery from Ed and his team, but like always Ed will try his best to help in an emergency.

Even better is that for group members is that it will be on farm for the same great price per bag as it would be per bulk order, so if you need those few bags either let the team here at DBL know your order or speak to Ed & his team direct to get it delivered with you regular order.

If you need milk powder advice, then please call FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 442888 or email