Is Everything In Focus?

At our recent online Lean discussion group meeting we looked at what makes a Lean business.  It’s nothing to do with joining Weight Watchers or Slimming World, but about where your focus is.

Many people say, “I’m too busy to do this” or “I don’t have time to stop”.  This is a problem not just in farming, but in all business when you don’t give yourself time to stop and think about why you do what you do.  Very often the owner/manager of the business is too busy doing the job to spend time managing the business.  This leads to a loss of focus and direction for the business and can prevent change and improvement.  Busyness can kill a business.  You can get stuck in a rut.

Having a plan and focus for your business is essential to enable you to achieve your goals for both the business and personally.  This should be written down and reviewed at least annually.  It should contain both short (1 year), medium (5 years) and long term (10 years) goals.  For family businesses this is a useful exercise to do as individuals first and then bring them together as a family to discuss.  It can help enable open discussion about the future, expansion, diversification, succession or even highlight if someone wants to come out of the business.

Businesses that have goals/objectives, who measure and record progress, are the businesses that move forward and enable their owners to achieve their personal goals.  As consultants Gerard and I do this for our business and then review the plans with an independent third party.  They also help us to remain focussed on managing the business as well as doing the job.

If you would like to discuss how to put together a plan for your business’s future or to facilitate a discussion with the family on the future, please contact Phil Cooper on 07798 673665 or e-mail: