Invest Time in Your Business

If you are serious about ensuring your business copes with the cashflow implications of inflationary pressures, you must be prepared to continue to make changes to improve your business efficiency and position.

Many times, I hear people say that they haven’t got the time to leave their business for half a day or a few hours to learn by attending a meeting or a discussion group.  The time invested away is worth a lot more than the cost of replacing you physically on the farm.

The information learned or seen in practice will give you the confidence to make low risk decisions with a high positive outcome for you and your business.  This investment in time should be worth £100/hour, as the result of your decisions could be worth £1000’s to your business.

Coping with the market volatility in the next 12 months is a priority but you are in a long-term business.  The decisions you may take in the next 12 months could have implications for five years and ahead. Don’t you want to make sure that they are the right ones?!  There is very little room for error!

Making no decision is the worst scenario.  In this situation, with the world changing rapidly around you, there will not be a future.

Free up some time and learn to take some low-risk, informed decisions for your business now.  For help in analysing and providing solutions to freeing up your most precious and free resource, contact Gerard on 07976 426420 or e-mail