Increasing Energy Costs

Power usage and carbon footprints are becoming a higher priority subject and are being discussed more and more. Such parties as the NFU and Milk Buyers are targeting carbon neutrality in various forms.

With the legislation which is predicted to come down the line in the next few years, people are already trying to prepare for it. Programs like ESOS and large businesses are driving energy and carbon management and carbon disclosure which will have a cascade effect i.e. retailers will be affected by ESOS and will look to their supply chain to provide solutions as well as their own!

As such, we have set up agreements with trusted partners to help evaluate and analyse your energy usage and if wanted, your carbon footprint. Our partners can also collect energy data from devices we use to create accurate up to date pictures instead of relying on bills from suppliers which may be out of date or hard to understand what is going on, on the ground.

We also have the partners to analyse your utility bill to ensure you are getting the most for your money and that you are on the correct tariff etc.

Finally, to complement the above, our partners are also able to develop renewable project plans for you to give you the best possible results if you wanted to implement a renewable energy project. We offer practical impartial advice on developing renewable energy projects for clients.

Our partners can also offer advice to people with existing projects of their own or advise clients who have been approached by developers building solar parks or battery storage. They represent landowners on this kind of work as well to help them understand the process, hold their hand, and get them a good deal.

If you would like more information regarding any of the above,
please contact David Quance on 07395 498175 or e-mail