Guiding Principles

In a recent office tidy-up I came across a laminated sheet which was for many years pinned to the wall next to my desk.  The sheet is a list of excellent bullet points, the origin of which I have long-forgotten.  These principles guided me in my early farming years and rediscovering them is a reminder that they are still relevant, and I may have deviated from some of them in recent years!!

  • Any system not constantly emphasising profit will ultimately make a loss.
  • Any activity managed purely on the basis of technical criteria will be unprofitable.
  • Any organisation, system or procedure left undisturbed for three years will become inefficient.
  • Left to themselves, people will elaborate rather than simplify their solutions.
  • Nine-tenths of resources will be spent on tasks that have a minimal impact on profit.
  • The optional extras will double the costs and the timescale for development.

The third point was of particular relevance – the farm business has had several years of consolidation, and we realised, after the difficult weather of 2018, that the status quo was unsatisfactory, and change was needed increase our resilience.

Do you need to refocus and simplify your business?  Or are you considering an investment that may include optional extras?  Having a set of guiding principles in a prominent place can help all members of the team stay focussed.

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