Fertiliser Update – November 2023

The fertiliser market over the past few months has remained relatively inactive, with potash prices flat, and phosphate and urea markets firming slightly.

Today, we can see spot gas price at 80% higher than the levels in June. It is forecast to be even higher for the winter months through to the end of Q1 2024. These higher costs will make some European nitrogen producers reduce or stop production.

Many European countries are already stating low AN stocks and without a reduction in gas/ammonia prices its likely supplies of N & NS grades will continue to be in short supply. Currently in the UK our NS prices are well below replacement values, so purchasing now will save the increased costs going forward.

Fertiberia’s DS+ 24N + 14SO3 with DUO PRO technology. 
his is a relatively new product to the market and is a strong nitric and ammoniacal nitrogen fertiliser, which offers a dual protection against possible nitrogen loss.  It contains a biodegradable regulatory polymer that surrounds the grain, retains the release of all nutrients, preventing leaching. Contains a nitrification inhibitor also significantly reduces nitric nitrogen leaching and N2O volatilisation.

Overall, Fertiberia says this delivers nitrogen-use efficiency 22% higher than conventional fertiliser, offering the opportunity to use less fertiliser and potentially reduce the number of applications and leaching.

Preliminary data from trials on M&S dairy farms shows the product applied at a rate of 150kg/ha (equivalent to 36kg nitrogen/ha) leads to 31% higher yields over two silage cuts than NS 27/12 at the same application rate (150kg product/ha and 41kg nitrogen/ha).

DS+ 24N + 14SO3 looks very good value compared to N27N +12SO3 and ASN 26N+ 37SO3.

Photo ID Required to Purchase Ammonium Nitrate
Following a Home Office update of substances covered by the 1972 Poisons Act, as of 1st October 2023, farmers are required to provide photo identification when purchasing ammonium nitrate (AN) fertilisers. The change means that anyone purchasing fertiliser products with a nitrogen content of 16% or more will be required to send photo ID, e.g. driving licence, passport, or gun licence etc.

Urea Fertiliser from 1st April 2024
Urea fertiliser used from 1st April 2024 must be protected to mitigate ammonia emissions.  New regulations apply to all farmers in England when using any urea-based fertilisers.

Solid fertilisers, blends, and compounds with more that 1% urea applied any time from 1st April to 15th January each year must use an effective inhibitor or other protective measure, such as a slow-release capsule or coating.

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