Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

Since Mid February the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund has been offering agreements to successful applicants.

How to ensure you get your claim through the RPA without any hiccups?

  • Before you accept the offer with the RPA, you must make sure that the supplier of your grant funded item has availability. With ongoing issues with supply and now increased demand, it’s important you get in there early. Most importantly make sure you are following the item specification as set out by the RPA, if it is not correct (and they are good at going through it all with a fine-tooth comb) they will not pay out for that item.

Example of Variable Speed Drive Pump specification which must be followed:​​​​

  • Once you have accepted the offer and you have purchased the item, it is time to claim. Information required includes a photo of the item on farm, not in its wrapper… a copy of the invoice, making sure all the details shown are correct, from business name to postcode on the address and a scan of the bank statement (with sort code/account number covered) showing when the item was paid for.

Hopefully, if you follow all the RPA’s requirements and get your Farm Equipment and Technology Fund claim in quickly, you will receive your money in no time.

If you would like to discuss future grant applications, call Emily on 07944 680469 or e-mail