Farm Accounts & Making Tax Digital

As from this 1st April, all VAT registered businesses will have to produce and report their VAT digitally. Anyone still working out figures on a spreadsheet and then ‘manually’ transferring them to submit to C & E will (technically) be breaking the law.

 So, no adding up figures and taking away the one you first thought of on little bits of paper will be allowed, now. Our Farm Accounts software will enable you to do this. It is software specially written for farmers and farm secretaries. 

Of course, it does far more than producing your VAT return. It is a full accounting package. For dairy farmers, one of its most useful reports is a ‘Rolling Comparable Dairy Farm Profit’ report. This enables you to keep tabs on your full costs of production and profit on a monthly basis, all on just one page of A4.

As a farm secretary I can also use existing accounts packages such as Farmplan and Xero, if you have one of these.

For help to crunch the numbers and keep abreast of the dreaded monthly VAT, etc 
contact Annabel Hole on Tel 07980 294816 or e-mail