Don’t be Complacent - Shop Around!

With the drop in milk price seen over the past few months farm profits are coming under increasing pressure. Frustratingly, input costs are not falling at the same rate and therefore it is more important than ever to ‘shop around’ to make sure you are securing the best possible price, and value, from the products you buy.

At DBL, whenever we are asked to quote for products, we obtain between three and five prices to ensure we are achieving the best possible price.  However, cheapest is not always the best, and there are several things to consider when choosing which product offers best value for money:

  • Quality – it is important to ensure that when comparing products, you do so on a level playing field.  As an example, we have recently seen some feeds offered at a lower price, but on further investigation they were a lower ME.  When compared on an energy basis the cheaper feed costs more per unit of energy than the slightly more expensive feed that has a higher energy level.
  • Quantity – i.e when comparing IBC prices, check you are pricing for the same volume and work out the cost per litre.
  • Concentration Rates – i.e milk powder mix rates of powder to water vary considerably, so work out the price to mix 1 litre of replacer.
  • Haulage – check whether haulage/delivery is included in the price or is this in addition to the price quoted.
  • Delivery Timescale – always check delivery lead times, there’s no point ordering the cheapest if it is going to delivered after you have run out!
  • Follow The Market – in a volatile market buying in bulk can cost you in the long run if we are in a falling market. There is no point storing a depreciating commodity.

Just because a supplier was the cheapest the last time you ordered, it does not necessarily mean they will be the next time. I recently priced some Sodium Bi-Carb for a customer and managed to supply some £300/tonne cheaper than their usual supplier.

We can not only save you money, but also time as well by doing the hard work for you on a number of products: 

  • Feed, Straights & blends
  • Minerals
  • Feed supplements
  • Sawdust and cubicle lime
  • Milk powder
  • Grass/herbal/maize seed
  • Dairy Chemicals
  • Fencing – permanent and electric
  • Feeders and water troughs

If you would like us to price any of the above, please contact Louise on 07943 684215
or e-mail: