Don't Assume....

Following on from last months’ article on ‘Looking in the Mirror’, I challenge you to ask your employees for their views of you and your business as an employer.  You need to ask the same questions to all team members.  They need to be open questions (i.e., starting with what, why, where, how etc.)   Ideally the answers should be scored e.g., 1-5 and have ten questions maximum.

To get the most honest feedback, the questionnaire should be sent to and received back from someone independent, and the respondents should have the opportunity to remain anonymous.  Remember, it’s an overview of the business culture and the general feedback to the business owner on their views of the business and how the team is being managed.

Ideally the questionnaire should be followed up by a five-minute telephone conversation to clarify answers with employees who are happy to do so.

Recruiting new employees starts with retaining existing employees.  You must act on the points which are overwhelmingly unanimous across the team. By asking and not assuming, you will be better informed to make better business decisions.

We have an Ex Area Agricultural manager, who previously managed a team of people, available to carry out this service which can be done remotely and is experienced in tailoring the questionnaire to your business and getting honest open feedback from your employees.

We have done this exercise with our own business and the feedback from our team has been positive and enlightening. 

As the saying goes……if you assume, it makes as ASS out of U and ME!! So best to ask first!!

Contact Gerard on 07976 426420 or e-mail for more information on the next step and see how this can benefit your business.