DBL Buying Group - The New Look!

We believe that we are now moving into a new era with very exciting opportunities ahead and to mark this we have decided to have a new and more up to date image. Hopefully, you will agree it explains what we do in one image!

With the new team members (David Quance and Louise Cox) joining an already very strong foundation (Andrew Jones and Bridgette Winfield), we aim to grow our business with new suppliers, new members, new customers, new products and services, and much more.

David Bardgett Ltd has evolved into the successful business it is today through a solid foundation built over many years. However, it was felt that we had too many identities. David Bardgett Buying Group, Group Services, Blackdown Dairy Farmers, DBL and so on. For this reason, we decided to focus on one name and one brand to simplify the way we manage the current business, reach new customers and members but also to add a newer image to our business.

DBL was the favoured brand name chosen to identify the business and to take it forward into the future. As a result, David Bardgett Ltd will now be known as DBL.

Alongside the new brand, we have made changes to the layout of our newsletter (which you started to see last month) plus have launched a new website to complement our future focused business.

The new website is far more friendly to look at, navigate and gives us the option to develop the business more over the coming years. Please view the new website www.dblbuyinggroup.co.uk.

As part of the new look, we will be developing two aspects to the business. The first is of course the buying group which will be developed and strengthened and to complement this, we have DBL Direct. This is what used to be Group Services. We will be marketing this side of the business far more to bring in further business and to help develop and enhance the buying group element. For more information on either, please contact us.

Gerard Finnan, Director says “The new DBL brand image and website launch coupled with the addition of two new team members in the last six months mark the start of our ambitious growth plans over the next five years. We plan to continue growing our product range and value for money bulk purchasing, backed up with excellent service provided to our members and customers”.

Phil Cooper, Director says “With the hard work of both Andrew and Bridgette over the last six years we have been able to grow and develop the business, streamlining the operation and reducing costs.  We are now looking to grow further and improve the service we offer to our customers with the addition of David and Louise to the team.  With profit margins tightening within agriculture being able to source competitively priced inputs will become even more important”. 

We have great plans for the future of DBL, both DBL Buying Group and DBL Direct, and we would like to thank you all for your continued custom and loyalty over the past years.

We are extremely excited about the years ahead and look forward to continuing to work with you and for you.