DBL Are Pleased To Announce A New Partner – McVeigh Parker

DBL Buying Group have agreed an exciting new partnership with McVeigh Parker, which will allow access to the extensive McVeigh Parker farming and fencing range and take advantage of their huge industry experience. McVeigh Parker are now one of the premier specialist agricultural stockists in the UK. Members have preferential access to their huge stocks of fencing, farming gates, tools, storage tanks, equestrian and many other products.

McVeigh Parker are ISO 9001, 14001 AND 18001 certified as well as Achilles and FSC registered which means you can be confident that you are dealing with a highly reputable and well-regarded supplier that has passed stringent industry tests.

Alongside eight nationwide depots, they have a user friendly website, ready to service any order. Clients can choose to buy online, or direct from their local depot.


For further information please contact Andrew Jones on 07717 442888, David Quance on 07395 498175 or e-mail sales@dblbuyinggroup.co.uk