Controlling Crypto & Cocci

This is a very topical subject having been on a farm a couple of weeks ago that has an issue with Crypto: -

VitCox is a natural plant extract that reduces the parasitic load and protects the intestinal cell wall.  Parasites cause diarrhea reducing weight gain and feed efficiency.  Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis are an infectious enteritis caused by parasites invading, multiplying, and destroying intestinal cells.  This causes a lower surface area for nutrient absorption and the development of mucosal wounds. Disease is more prevalent where hygiene is generally poor or has broken down.

VitCox has been proven both in controlled and commercial environments.  The recommended Preventative feed rate is 1ml/hd/day for 30 days.  This covers both the Cryptosporidium period (typically days 5-7) and Coccidiosis period (typically days 19-21).  The recommended treatment feed rate is 7ml/hd/day for 7 days.

It is also recommended to be fed in the calf milk (either whole milk or milk power) as soon as the calf has suckled.  Once a day in the morning feed is preferable as the calf is at its hungriest.

However, in practice whereby the feed rate has been adapted to counteract identified issues i.e., Cryptosporidium = (5ml/hd/day for the first 12 days) it has worked particularly well, with additional dosage during the critical period.

Vitcox is free from prescription, the product has no retention time and is also suitable for organic farms with no derogation needed.

Vitcox should be used in combination with a protocol to reduce the risk of spreading the diseases. Hygiene and resting calf housing is just as important.

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