Christmas Is Coming

I really hate to be mentioning that dreaded ‘C’ word already, seriously I really, really hate to be mentioning it but I’m already starting to get suppliers speak to me about organising deliveries for Christmas.

I know I usually send out emails and reminders to regular customers in late November/early December with dates for last orders for deliveries over the Christmas & New Year period but I’m afraid we need to be thinking about this earlier this year.

Due to BREXIT/COVID/RAW MATERIALS/RISING TRANSPORT COSTS/LACK OF DRIVERS* (*Delete as you see applicable) we need to be thinking early particularly for any pallet deliveries because I’ve already got a couple of suppliers telling me they want a two-week lead time for deliveries, rather than the usual week, and this is before we have a pull for lorries making Christmas deliveries to the general public.

So please take the time to think about what you need between now, and maybe, the end of January, or even better the whole of winter, for any palletised products, i.e. fats, minerals, milk powders, feed grade urea etc., any molasses or moist blend deliveries and let me know how and when you would like it delivered to get it booked it.

Even think about your blend & straight deliveries now.  Compounds not so much, but like usual you will need to do this, but the sooner you can book it in the better.

I’ve already done this for some clients who I know their usage rate for a particular product and so we’ve book delivery dates and quantities for winter to ensure supply of product when we want it!

If you’d like to discuss your Christmas & New Year requirements, then please call FAR registered Dairy Nutritionist & CowSignals® Master Andrew Jones on 07717 44288 or email