Are You Keeping Adequate Records?

It is important to ensure that all your Red Tractor records are kept up to date and ready for inspection.

DP.a.2 Farm Map must be available, this must show:
Farm map shows where applicable:

  • All buildings
  • All fields, including areas (hectares/acres)
  • Watercourse including ditches and ponds
  • Boreholes, springs and wells
  • Any areas of high pollution risk
  • Bait point locations

DP.b Contingency plan, which should be accessible and known to those involved in tasks on the farm.

It is important to be aware of the risks on farm and make others aware of actions to be taken in the event of:

  • Feed/water equipment failure
  • Power cuts
  • Milk equipment (cooling/milking) failure
  • Drought, flooding, snow
  • Disease outbreak
  • Activist activity
  • Pollution incident
  • Loss of assurance status

The contingency plan must include relevant contact details e.g., for vet, electricity supplier, water suppliers, milk buyer, haulier, Environment Agency.  [Templates are available for the Contingency Plan].
If you need any guidance or support for your Red Tractor audit or for maintaining your farm/records to Red Tractor standards, please call Emily on 07944 680469 or e-mail