Animal Health & Welfare Review (Spring 2022)

Although DEFRA are very slow at releasing information about their upcoming grants and schemes, there has some been guidance detailing the Spring 2022 Animal Health & Welfare Review.

Who? this grant will initially be aimed at commercial cattle, pig and sheep farmers who are currently eligible to claim the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

What? the Animal Health & Welfare Review will fund a yearly vet visit on farm for completion of health and welfare reviews and diagnostic testing.

Why? the review will provide farmers with an improved understanding of health and welfare priorities on their farms. Farmers will be able to nominate their own vets to carry out diagnostic testing, with results being used to provide bespoke advice on management and making improvements. The main focus of these vet visits are to look at biosecurity, sustainable use of antimicrobials, controlling/prevention/eradication of endemic diseases and investment approaches.

When? application window is proposed to open in Spring 2022.

Further info: it has been discussed that further grants will be available to those who complete the first step, with a possible payment by results programme which will reward farmers for achieving higher welfare outcomes with support for on going costs involved in delivery.

For more information please contact Emily Wynder on 07944 680469 or email, or contact your vet for more information.