Independent Nutritional Package

With the challenges of today’s markets, especially bought in feeds, the focus on home grown forages and balanced diets has never been so important.

I can offer you several services to help you improve – Production, Feed Efficiency, and your Profit Margins with the following services as a complete package or individually: -

  • Forage Budgeting – This area is often forgotten until it is too late.  Knowing what feedstocks, you require for the coming year will reduce the need to look at alternatives when it’s too late!
  • Cropping Advice – Growing alternative crops within a rotation will subsidise buying in expensive concentrates.  I can look at crops to suit your system.  Advice on harvesting time to optimise quality and clamp filling techniques to improve fermentation.  Once the clamp is open advice on reducing waste.
  • Milk Prediction & Budget – The foundation of your annual production, knowing what your monthly milk cheque should be.  This will also give you an accurate indication and what purchased feeds you need on a monthly basis.
  • Forage Testing – Regular testing gives me the tools to adjust and tweak the rations, optimising production without upsetting the rumen with drastic changes.
  • Detailed Monthly Costings – Important to monitor animal and forage performance.
  • Ration Formulation – Balanced independent rationing provides the best feed conversions into milk, meat, and improved growth rates.

for further information and advice please contact Mark on 07984 785190  or e-mail

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