About DBL Buying Group

Our mission...

To provide value for money Agri Inputs to all farmers, backed up with the highest  level of customer service.

DBL Buying Group History 2021

Where we are now

New Website Launched in March.

Louise Cox, a new Admin/Marketing team member appointed in March.

The business is aiming to double business turnover in the next five years.

DBL Buying Group History 2020

In 2020 The business employed its second on farm salesperson with Turnover hitting £4m.

Group membership has grown steadily and the group is trading with 100+ farmers on a regular monthly basis.

Product range extended with a select list of proprietary products and services called Group Advantages available exclusively to group members at discounted prices.

David Quance, a second person was taken on in November to help Andrew Jones develop the sales and business.

DBL Buying Group History 2015

In April 2015 Midwest Consulting Ltd purchased the business as a going concern. The office moved to Trent, Nr Sherborne (Midwest Consulting Ltd Base).

The business overheads were consolidated within Midwest Consulting resulting in running cost reductions whist growing business turnover 15% pa 2015-2020.

DBL Buying Group History 2008

In 2008 the groups amalgamated under Blackdown Dairy Farmers to reduce costs and improve buying power further.


DBL Buying Group History 2005

The journey to present day

In 2005 the business employed its first salesperson.

Until now administration staff had been employed only with David Bardgett doing all the sales and liasing with farmers.


DBL Buying Group History 2001

In January 2001 David Bardgett Ltd was formed as a limited company with David Bardgett a 100% Shareholder. This new business at the time was formed from the amalgamation of the administration of Blackdown Dairy Farmers, Quantock Farmers and Blackmore Vale & Chetnole Group,  David Bardgett Ltd also traded with non group members under the Group Services banner selling direct to individual farmers paying higher than groups but having the flexibility of not being tied to a group.

DBL Buying Group History 1990

How it started

In 1990 Blackdown Dairy Farmers was founded as a cooperative purchasing inputs together. David Bardgett helped to found it and was a director on the co-op board. This was the first of nine co-ops founded with David’s help in the 1990s. These groups included Quantock Farmers, Blackmore Vale & Chetnole Group, Beaminster Farmers, Moors, Whitehorse, Shaston and Sutton Thorne. In the early 1990s  David set up Group Services to purchase livestock feeds and some larger farm inputs for these various groups by scaling up their purchasing power. He also provided the administration for running these individual groups.

What we provide...

Feed, Fertiliser, Fuel, Seed, Silage, Livestock and Parlour Management, Utilities and Maintenance, Professional Services
and much more.

Become a member...

and be part of a buying group with professional integrity

DBL Direct

Buying goods and services for customers at the most competitive prices

Consultancy Services

An experienced consulting team operating across the South West of England.

What DBL Buying Group members say...

DBL is in the market place constantly buying in volume, securing the best value for money for its members.  

I rely on DBL to do this for my business saving me a lot of time, hassle and stress.

Stuart Bacon – Crewkerne

Apart from obvious financial benefits of bulk buying as a group, it saves a huge amount of time and energy sitting on the phone trying to find the best deals.

We have had a huge amount of success with fertiliser prices and had great deals with dairy chemicals.

Caroline Spencer – Taunton

Belonging to a group is a great way to exchange ideas and find solutions to everyday issues that crop up. It definitely benefits my business and helps keep in touch with other like minded farmers.

Caroline Spencer – Taunton

“ Through bulk buying we save Money and time on a number of products and services including  Fertiliser, Quality range of Seeds, Silage Sheets, Dairy Chemicals, milk powder and tractors parts and service/repair and milk recording services. Also Up to date regular market information keeps us on top of when to purchase as well as sharing information between members within the group."

Allan Miller - Gillingham